A Natural Skin Care Routine

A Natural Skin Care Routine

Dry skin, oily skin, sensitive skin - no matter what skin type you have, devoting time to a natural skin care routine will not only keep it looking good but also help keep the rest of you healthy, as well. But what exactly is a natural skin care routine vs. unnatural and why should you be using natural skin care products? The information here will give you both a plan and the science behind it for better management of the skin you’re in!

What Are Natural Skin Care Products and Why You Should Be Using Them

Your skin is immensely important for more than just aesthetic purposes (though looking your best is important, too). Skin is your body’s first layer of defense from all the bacteria, viruses, allergens, and pollutants that are constantly around you. It aids in the functioning of the immune system and shields your vital organs from disease. But up to 60% of whatever you’re currently slathering over your skin is absorbed by your skin’s pores - and skin care products with unnatural ingredients can contain some pretty disgusting toxins! Some of the ingredients to avoid can disbalance hormones or be carcinogenic:

    • Parabens
    • Phthalates
    • Sodium lauryl/Ammonium lauryl
    • Polyethylene
    • BHT
    • Lead
    • Formaldehyde

Natural skin care products, on the other hand, use safe ingredients directly from nature proven to reduce swelling and itchiness, provide antioxidants, moisturize, and even promote wound healing for the skin. One good example is Honeybutter Intense Hydration For Irritated Skin from Blossom Essentials which contains:

  • Manuka honey
  • Aloe vera gel
  • Coconut oil
  • Calendula extract
  • Beeswax
  • Tea tree oil
  • Sweet almond oil
  • Vitamin A + E

A Natural Skin Care Routine for All Skin Types

It doesn’t matter what type of skin you have, as incorporating natural skin care products into your daily cleaning and moisturizing regimen will have the best effects on all. 

Dry Skin

Keeping your dry skin constantly moisturized is easier by using natural skin care products, as the ingredients keep working long after application, and don’t contain other chemicals that work against you. Some things to consider as part of your natural skin care routine are limiting washing your skin to once a day, and using a product that will balance the oils in your skin, like Rosa Ultra-Hydrating Moisturizer.

Oily Skin

Avoid touching your face with oily skin, but do try to wash it at least twice daily. A detox mask a few times a week will help draw those oils out.

Sensitive Skin

People with sensitive skin have to work harder to keep their pH balance regulated. Always wear sunscreen outdoors, avoid using “hard” water to wash, and consider taking the fight below the skin’s surface with a dietary supplement like Lilium from Blossom Essentials. Not only does it contain ingredients such as Biotin and Collagen for nourishment and skin tightening, but a powerful tool for reducing inflammation - Curcumin BioBDMC™30.

Try Blossom Essentials

You can promote healthier skin for all skin types by incorporating a natural skin care routine every day. Blossom Essentials has powerful natural skin care products to keep you looking and feeling your best. Browse our products at tryblossom.com.
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