"Best lotion ever for dry, itchy, and irritated skin."
-Leslie T.


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all natural daily moisturizer to soothe and hydrate irritated dry skin


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All-Natural Ingredients
🍃 Aloe Vera
🍃 Avocado Oil
🍃 Sunflower Oil
🍃 Corn
🍃 Hyaluronic Acid
🍃 Vitamins A, C, E
🍃 Green Tea
🍃 Chamomile
🍃 Vitamin E
🍃 Licorice
🍃 Lavender
🍃 Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride

🍃P.S. Rosa does not have any nuts or coconut-based ingredients!
How To Use
1. Apply 1-2 pumps onto damp skin and massage until fully absorbed.

💧 For best results and maintenance use daily.
Is Rosa Right For Me?
💧 Rosa is the perfect lightweight full-body moisturizer for anyone with very dry, sensitive skin. Designed to intensely hydrate and nourish the skin in order to soothe irritations, provide a cooling sensation and, of course, soften the skin.

💧 Best of all, Rosa doesn't have any alcohols, chemicals or coconut-based ingredients most often found in other moisturizers that tend to irritate skin.

Feel Amazing
Every Day.

• Love the body you’re in with ultra-hydrated, vibrant skin.

• All-natural super-blend provides intense moisture and soothes skin irritations.

• Free from alcohols and chemicals typically causing irritations.

Made With Sensitive Skin In Mind

"Finally, I have an every day moisturizer that rubs into my skin quickly and doesn't leave my skin feeling thick and greasy after. I love love love Rosa!"

How does Rosa work?


Powerful hydrators draw water molecules to the top layer of your skin.


Reduce inflamed skin causing the dry, itchy and red flare-ups.


Restore, moisturize and soften the skin to encourage new, healthy skin growth.

A super-blend of natural hydrators

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Hyaluronic Acid

For inflammation, itching, dryness, and redness. Fatty acids lock in moisture.
No Image

Aloe Vera

For intense moisture, inflammation and itching.
No Image

Green Tea Extract

For intense moisture and hydration. Also for reducing the signs of aging.
No Image

Chamomile Extract

For inflammation, soothing irritations and an antibacterial.
No Image

Pomegranate Extract

For inflammation and bacteria. Antioxidants for free radical damage.
No Image

Licorice Extract

For skin moisture and powerful antioxidants to fight skin damage.

a powerhouse of vitamins and oils

No Image

Sunflower Oil

For inflammation, itching, hydration, and retaining moisture
No Image

Avocado Oil

For moisture, softening the skin, and preventing dryness and flaking.
No Image

Lavender Oil

For itching, killing bacteria and fungi, and soothing redness.
No Image

Vitamin C

For water loss, retaining moisture, collagen production, and skin tightening
No Image

Vitamin E

For itching, inflammation, and protection against further skin damage.
No Image

Vitamin A

For healing, immune system support, hydration, and skin glow.

How Do I Apply Rosa?

Massage cream into damp or dry skin until fully absorbed.

Rosa can be used any time of day anywhere on your body!

For external use only.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have some questions? Find your answers!

Q What's special about Rosa?

Rosa was designed specifically for people with sensitive, irritation-prone skin. We nixed all the chemicals and alcohols typically found in body creams and included inflammation-soothing ingredients like aloe vera, chamomile and green tea.

Q How is Rosa different from Honeybutter?

Rosa is designed as a gentle and soothing full-body moisturizer to be used daily whereas Honeybutter is an oil-based spot treatment for those smaller areas that need extra hydration.

Q What is the texture of Rosa?

Rosa is a very thin, lightweight cream designed to absorb into your skin very quickly!

Q What does Rosa smell like?

Rosa has a light floral scent that comes from the natural ingredients like lavender and chamomile! There are no artificial or synthetic fragrances in Rosa.

Q How large is the container and how long will it last?

Each bottle of Rosa is 8 ounces and with daily use, should last about a month!

Q Will Rosa clog my pores?

No, Rosa is extremely lightweight and gentle and should not clog your pores. Rosa is formulated without any coconut oil, which is an ingredient known to clog pores. Rosa absorbs very quickly into the skin and actually has many ingredients that are known to refresh and renew your skin!

Q Is Rosa free of all the harmful stuff?


Rosa is:
-synthetic fragrance-free





Q Is Rosa vegan?

Short answer - no. In order to make Rosa all-natural, we needed to source the very beneficial ingredient, hyaluronic acid, from an animal source. Other than that, all other ingredients in Rosa are vegan.

Q Can I use Rosa on sunburns?

Yes! Rosa is crafted with many skin-soothing ingredients like aloe vera so it can work great on sunburns.

Q Can I use Rosa on my face?

While Rosa is designed as a full-body moisturizer, it is light and airy enough to be used on your face as well! We always recommend doing a patch test on a non-sensitive area first just to make sure there are no adverse reactions.

Q Is Rosa made in the USA?

Absolutely! All of our products at Blossom are made in the US and shipped out of Dallas, Texas.

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Pam V.
United States United States
My new go-to cream for great hydration

I use this cream daily as an all- over moisturizer- including my very sensitive face. I find that it keeps my body well moisturized ALL DAY, and leaves my face soft and smooth, without irritating it.

Jesse L.
United States United States
The best summertime moisturizer I've ever tried

Rosa is so lightweight and gentle, and it keeps my skin soft all day. I also spent a bit too much time outside the other day and got a small burn, I applied the cream and it had the nicest cooling effect on my skin!

Jo Z.
United States United States
Happy skin

Rosa is a great moisturizer. Not heavy and sinks right in. It left my skin so soft and renewed. I use it on my face at night. It’s great!

United States United States
Blossom Rosa lotion

I love the lotion but the pump doesn’t work.

Blossom Essentials

Oh no! Please email us right away at support@tryblossom.com to help with the pump!

United States United States

I am on my second bottle of Rosa. Best lotion I have ever tried to calm my itchy skin. Definitely will continue to purchase this great lotion.