We Are The Natural Hydration Company

At Blossom Essentials, we believe that you should feel good in your own skin. That is why we have created the first natural line of hydration products directly addressing skin irritations available on the market. Our products allow our customers to soothe their itches caused by chronic dry skin without the use of steroids or any other harmful chemicals. We know that what you put into your body is important to you, which is why we promise absolute transparency when it comes to the ingredients and production of our products.

All Blossom products are natural, non-toxic, and highly effective for hydrating and soothing skin irritations. And more importantly, every single ingredient in our products is there for a reason. We do not add any fillers or junk. 
Thank you for being on this journey with us and if you have any questions, feedback, or just want to say hello, reach out to us at support@tryblossom.com!