Manuka Honey for skin and digestive health benefits

Our Favorite Ways to Use Manuka Honey

Human beings have used honey as a natural remedy for thousands of years but Manuka honey is slightly different. It has only been used for a few hundred years, ever since bees were introduced into Australia and New Zealand for the first time in the 19th century. There, the bees found the Manuka plant, and the honey that they make from Manuka nectar has special properties over and above what is found in other types of honey.

All honey is antibacterial, and this is mainly down to the hydrogen peroxide it contains. What makes Manuka honey special is that it also contains high levels of methylglyoxal (MG), which is converted from a compound found in Manuka flowers. The MG gives Manuka honey an extra antibacterial boost, which is why it so sought after compared to other types of honey.

Health benefits of eating Manuka honey

Eating Manuka honey, or applying it inside your mouth, can have some very important health benefits.

1) Digestive benefits

Manuka honey is really good for your digestive health because it helps to balance your gut's microbial atmosphere, which aids digestion and could improve the symptoms of disorders such as IBS. 

2) Oral health

Periodontal disease is very common. Up to 50% of people suffer from it, and many don't even realize it! Manuka honey can help by destroying the bacteria that are responsible for creating plaque.

Health benefits of Manuka honey for your skin

Your first thought for the next addition to your skincare routine may not be something you could find in your pantry, but trust us when we say that Manuka honey is a wonder ingredient for your skin!

1) Humectant

Manuka honey is a humectant. This means that it literally draws moisture in from the air and traps it in your skin. If you have super dry skin, dermatitis, or eczema, Manuka honey can help to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized. Everyone struggles with keeping their skin moisturized at times, and Manuka honey can be an amazing addition to your skincare routine if you want a natural way to keep your skin hydrated.

2) Antibacterial

Of course, Manuka honey is really, really good at killing bacteria. But what does this mean for your skin? You won't be aware of it but your skin is constantly battling off infections from harmful bacteria and these bacteria can lead to all sorts of skin conditions, or they can make existing skin conditions much worse. To name but a few, acne, eczema, burns, ulcers, and inflammations can all be treated with Manuka honey using its super antibacterial properties to kill off any harmful bacteria.

Not only does Manuka honey protect against harmful bacteria, but it also boosts the production of skin cells to repair any damage. This means that using Manuka honey even after the bacterial infection has gone can help your skin to heal faster.

Manuka honey is the star of Honeybutter

The stand-out star ingredient in our Honeybutter balm is Manuka honey (alongside all sorts of other skin hydrating and soothing compounds). Using it on areas of your skin that are dry, irritated, or inflamed will give your skin that much-needed boost of hydration to help it shine the way it was always meant to!

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