how to hydrate dry skin naturally for cold winter weather using manuka honey

5 Natural Ways to Hydrate Dry Skin

Dry skin is a common problem, especially in the winter months. If you've been struggling with dry skin, it can be hard to know how to hydrate your skin in a way that really works. Lots of products can claim to treat dry skin using artificial chemicals, but these can often be quite harsh and could end up damaging your skin or causing unintended effects. Thankfully, there are lots of ways that you can aid hydration using natural techniques that will help keep dry, flaky, and irritated skin at bay. Here are five ways to hydrate your skin naturally!

1) Drink 8 glasses of water per day

If you don't drink enough water, this will show up in your skin really quickly, especially if it is exposed to dry environments. Drinking about 8 glasses of water a day should be enough to make sure that your skin stays plump and hydrated.

2) Increase your nutrient intake

It is so important for you to get all of the nutrients you need if you want your skin to stay healthy and hydrated. Make sure to eat lots of fruits and veggies, that are packed with vitamin C and antioxidants, and make sure you get enough omega 3. Omega 3 can be found in oily fish, olive oil, and pumpkin seeds.

3) Sleep 7-8 hours a night

Your skin repairs itself and replenishes its moisture while you sleep. If you don't get enough sleep, this process will be interrupted and your skin will dry out.

4) Skip the harsh cleansers

Your cleanser might be doing your skin more harm than good, especially if you are finding that your skin is getting dry and flaky. The chemicals in strong cleansers strip the natural oils from your skin, and it is these oils that help your skin to retain its moisture. Without these oils, your skin will get dehydrated really quickly, and this can lead to dry skin problems (or make them worse!).

5) Use Manuka honey on your skin

Honey has been used since the very earliest civilizations. It is something of a wonder ingredient because not only is it packed full of vitamins and minerals, it also has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. Manuka honey contains methylglyoxal, which is the organic compound that is responsible for these powerful effects. Manuka honey not only adds moisture to the skin, but it also helps the skin to retain its moisture, and it helps to prevent infections. Because of these properties, studies have shown that applying Manuka honey to the skin can help to treat pityriasis (red scaly skin), seborrhea (dry flaky skin), dermatitis (dry itchy skin), and psoriasis (bumpy red patches with white scales).

These properties can also make it a treatment that can help with eczema, reducing inflammation and treating infections to allow the skin to heal.

Luckily for you, our Hydration Repair Honey Salve is packed full of organic Manuka honey, as well as all sorts of other skin-protecting and hydrating ingredients, which will help to kick-start and replenish your skin's hydration. It is also almond oil-based, which will help to support your skin's natural oils to seal the moisture in. Just use it a few times a day, or whenever you feel like your skin needs a moisture boost, and you will be able to say goodbye to dry skin problems in no time!

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