The Top Five Foods to Eat For Skin Hydration

The Top Five Foods to Eat For Skin Hydration

The winter is approaching fast, with all its attendant skin-drying weather in tow, along with the effects of the ongoing pandemic, access to specialized in-person skincare treatments may be more difficult than ever before. There has never been a better time to take the health and appearance of your skin into your own hands. Luckily, there are plenty of natural ways to hydrate your skin and get it glowing, without the use of overly harsh chemicals and drugs that can often make things worse.

Diet is one of these natural remedies: proper nutrition and the specific hydrating qualities of certain foods are overlooked and underutilized within most 'traditional' forms of skincare. With this in mind, we've put together a list of the five foods you should try and include in your diet for healthier, more radiant skin.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are a real boon for loads of health ailments, but they're also great for your skin due to their high density of vitamins. In particular, sweet potatoes contain a high amount of vitamin A, which can help with skin renewal and the reduction of flaky skin. This helps the skin keep moisture in, and the reduction in flakiness will prevent a sheen of dullness occurring. Sweet potatoes also contain a lot of vitamin C, which is, among other things, a powerful anti-oxidant. This means that it will help neutralise harmful compounds in your body (called free radicals), which in turn helps prevent blemishes and inflammation of the skin.

Nuts and Seeds

Things like almonds, walnuts and sunflower seeds (to name but a few!) are a great food to incorporate into your diet, too. They are high in vitamin A, B, and E, contain omega-3 fatty acids, and are rich in antioxidants and mono-saturated fats, which are all known to be super beneficial to your skin's health. In particular, though, their vitamin E content is particularly compelling: it is involved in the processes that build up the skin barrier and this is the barrier that is responsible for retaining moisture in your upper epidermis (top layer of skin).


You may be a little surprised to see eggs on this list. But hear us out: they are a great low-calorie food rich in protein - and protein is absolutely pertinent for the regeneration of your skin. The constituent parts of protein - amino acids - are the things with which your body repairs itself, and your skin is no different. Eggs also contain sulphur and lutein, which helps with skin hydration too.

Green Tea

Though not strictly a food, green tea can work wonders with dry skin. Not only has it been shown to have anti-inflammatory qualities, it also can help increase blood flow to your skin due to the presence of the antioxidant called epicatechin. This increased blood flow can help your skin look a lot more glowing and healthy. Indeed, the word 'sanguine' - meaning bright or positive - comes from the latin sang, meaning 'related to blood': there's both etymological and scientific links between good blood flow and general radiance!


Not only do grapefruits contain a lot of vitamin C - the benefits of which to the skin have been discussed above - but they also contain lyopene. This specific antioxidant plays a role in keeping the skin smooth, which, of course, is very important for anyone hoping to brighten up their complexion. It also helps improve the skin's resilience and ability to fight off infection.

Hopefully this list will have given you some ideas of the kinds of food to eat in order to keep your skin glowing and hydrated. However, it can be hard to enjoy the skin-health benefits of these foods unless you eat them in significant amounts each day. Therefore, it's far more efficient to take a supplement with the specific macronutrients that helps the skin remain radiant. That's why we've formulated a capsule that contains many of the vitamins and minerals discussed above, and more.

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