Beat the Heat: 4 Reasons Your Hair is Dry in Summer & How to Solve It

Beat the Heat: 4 Reasons Your Hair is Dry in Summer & How to Solve It

We’re all familiar with how amazing freshly cut locks feel like. But what if your hair could feel like that every day? 

In summer, our hair dries out for so many reasons, from chlorine and saltwater to sun damage, it almost feels as though there’s no escape. But by familiarizing yourself with these 5 causes, you can beat the summer heat and find a solution to that crunchy summer hair!

Sun Damage From UV Rays

UV rays reach their peak in summer months, which is why everyone goes sunscreen crazy (although, please wear your SPF year-round!). When you’re at the beach, what’s the first thing you do? Apply sunscreen! But do you apply it to your hair?

While hair sunscreen isn’t well known, it can save your locks from UV rays sapping your luscious salon color and strand moisture. From powder and foam formulas, to oils, there are many available on the market! 

Blow-Drying & Styling Your Hair

If you’re offering your hair all the moisture it needs, you should be able to skip your blow dry session and stay frizz-free. Ensure whichever shampoo, conditioner, and treatments you use are full of moisturizing and occulative (moisture-locking) ingredients. When your hair is properly moisturized, you should be able to air dry without any issue! 

But then comes styling… During the summer, to prevent unnecessary additional damage, opt for heat-free hairstyles. Think braids, waves, and updos. When in doubt, search for heatless curls! It may take some experimentation, so don’t expect perfect curling-iron ringlets on your first try. 

Saltwater & Chlorine

When summer comes around, one of the only ways you can truly beat the heat is by jumping into refreshing water. For some, that means a chlorine-rich pool, and for others that means a saltwater ocean, both of which can wreak havoc on your hair.

Chlorine sucks the moisture out of your luscious locks, leaving them limp and lifeless. Similarly, saltwater draws all the water out of your hair, leaving behind a crunch. 

The solution? Apply a protective spray before venturing into your much-needed dip. It will act like a barrier around your hair’s cuticles, preventing the chlorine and saltwater from leeching away any moisture! Another tip? Rinse your hair as soon as you can after getting out of the water.

You’re Not Switching to Rich, Moisturizing Products

Whether you use a moisture-locking spray or a hair oil, the most important haircare step starts with your shampoo and conditioner. Make sure whichever you choose are loaded with silky, moisturizing ingredients that lock-in that moisture.

Keep an eye out for coconut oil, castor oil, and aloe, all of which moisturize. While argan oil and avocado oil act as occulatives, locking that moisture in. I bet you’re checking the bottles in your bathroom right now! If you’re looking for guaranteed moisture that beats the drying summer heat every time, try out our Emmy Shampoo and Evie Conditioner

Your solution to securing that luscious feeling of freshly-cut locks is this power duo: Emmy and Evie. Try Them Today!

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