Hydrators vs Moisturizers: What is the difference?

Hydrators vs Moisturizers: What is the difference?

There are thousands of skin care brands, and millions of skin care products. After asking many women if they knew the difference between hydrators and moisturizers, we’ve found that many just do not know! 

Could it be because many products promise it does both? From our research, we’ve found that most of the skin lotions in the market contain each: emollient ingredients, occlusive ingredients, and humectant ingredients, therefore they both moisturize and hydrate your skin all together.

However, there certainly is a difference between hydrators and moisturizers. Do you know what it is? 

We want to break down the differences between the two. As Blossom is ‘the hydration company’, it’s warranted that we continue to share why we focus on creating amazing, natural hydration products for head to toe. 

Let’s begin with what Hydration and Moisturization are



Hydration is the absorption of water content within your skin’s cells. With proper hydration, your skin appears shiny, and feels plump. When you are using a topical hydration product, you are ensuring your skin absorbs nutrients and moisture, all while infusing your cells with water. 


Moisturizing locks in moisture to build a natural protective barrier, and reduces the amount of water that evaporates off the skin. When you are moisturizing, you are preventing water loss.

The importance between hydrating your skin and moisturizing your skin

Hydrating your skin

When your skin is dehydrated, your skin is lacking water. It’s important to know that the best form of hydrating your skin is a healthy diet and the proper daily intake of water. Taking in [eating] the proper nutrients your skin needs is always of most importance. If your day to day intake of vitamins and nutrients aren’t where they need to be, a dietary supplement such as our Lilium skin hydration product is recommended (it’s releasing October 23, 2020!). The second means of hydrating your skin is a topical, such as our honeybutter. Side note - A great thing about our honeybutter topical is that it also includes the nutrients needed to combat dryness, which is what moisturizers are for! So let’s move onto that.

Moisturizing your skin

When your skin is feeling dry, a great moisturizer is a way to give your skin a stronger protective barrier - again which reduces water evaporation. This is great to know because, if hydration escapes your skin, your skin will begin feeling dry.

Which brings us to the fact: Putting oil on skin that is dehydrated may make your skin feel smooth, and look smooth, but is it really doing your skin any good? Without proper hydration, your skin will continue to lack the plump and shine which…. just comes natural with hydration!

If you have dry skin, apply a great hydrator + thick moisturizer 


As a skin hydration company, we will always focus on skin hydration first as it’s the foundation of keeping healthy skin. However, it’s vital that the right type of moisturizer is applied when you have dry skin. This is even more important when your skin is cracked, and inflamed. 


Thick moisturizers that are water-less and dense of powerful natural ingredients will provide all of the vitamins and nutrients needed. Cap that with ingredients that also provide intense hydration such as Honeybutter, you have everything you need to keep your skin healthy all year long - through the skin scorching heat from summer and shivering winters!

If your skin is dehydrated, try a skin hydrating supplement and a hydrating topical together.



When we made our hydration supplement Lilium (releasing Mid-October, 2020!), we wanted to focus on what was truly lacking in the market for skin hydration through supplementation. We’ve found that there wasn’t a solution in the market that was ALL Natural, and specifically made for hydrating skin (we all know about the thousands of hair nail and skin supplements out there).


Now, with Lilium, you’re able to ingest many of the best minerals and vitamins required for proper hydration. 

Taking Lilium daily with proper intake of lots of water, your skin will look and feel better than ever before. Applying topicals just simply is not enough to get the youthful skin that you have been looking for!

When you add a topical like our Hydration Repair Honey Salve on your skin, while taking Lilium, and eating and drinking healthy, you can be rest assured your skin will feel amazing, and shine!  



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