Do Antioxidants Really Boost Your Skin's Glow?

Do Antioxidants Really Boost Your Skin's Glow?

Chances are you have heard the term ‘antioxidants,’ and you even know they’re good for you, but do you know exactly what they are and why doctors, dermatologists, and skincare gurus all swear by them?

This blog will discuss the benefits of antioxidants, their types, and how you can incorporate them into your routine for healthier, happier skin.

What are antioxidants?

Antioxidants are naturally occurring vitamins and minerals that (when taken orally or applied topically) protect your skin against free radicals. But that’s not all– these good molecules also manage fine lines and dark spots and even support collagen production and elastin as long as you pick the right ones for your skin needs. 

These are some of our favorite antioxidants we use regularly:

Vitamin C

External aggressors like UV exposure and pollutants result in the depletion of our body’s natural reserves of vitamin C. That’s why replenishing your vitamin C or L-ascorbic acid levels results in multiple protective and restorative benefits. It is excellent for perking up dull, tired skin and boosts collagen to tighten fine lines and smooth uneven skin.

An easy and effective way to topically enjoy the benefits of vitamin C is by using Moisture Restore Lotionour gentle daily moisturizer packed with a reviving blend of nutrients and oils, including the much-beloved vitamin C.

Green Tea

People have hailed the health benefits of green tea for ages, and rightly so. The rich amount of polyphenols in green tea delivers antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that enhance our skin’s natural defense against oxidative stress, repair DNA damage, and prevent signs of aging. If that wasn’t enough, the polyphenol content in green tea, when used topically, can help cleanse and nourish your scalp to encourage healthy hair growth.

Our Lotus Hydration Oil contains green tea to restore and protect the scalp from free radical damage, offering you a healthy, soothed scalp and gorgeous hair.


A powerful antioxidant and an anti-inflammatory, curcumin targets inflammation at the cellular level and circumvents the inflammation before it starts. It’s been used in skin care products for ages and truly does live up to its hype. It helps decrease inflammation, accelerates healing, fights free radicals, and is photo-protective, anti-aging, and anti-microbial.

Vitamin E

Loved for its ability to accelerate the skin’s healing process, Vitamin E is a top favorite when it comes to antioxidants. It is essential for the proper functioning of many organs in the body, including the skin. It also helps stabilize other antioxidants and improve their effectiveness, so you’ll often find it used with vitamin C.

To experience the wonderful benefits of antioxidants, we recommend Lilium, the ultimate skin supplement for healthy, soothed, and vibrant skin. It’s packed with all the essential antioxidants: 

  • Curcumin BioBDMC™30, 10X more powerful of an anti-inflammatory than regular Curcumin, 
  • Vitamins A, C, & E

And much more.

Just two capsules a day help combat inflammation and dehydration at the cellular level. Try it and notice a visible difference in your skin after regular use.


Now that you know your antioxidants and their benefits, add your favorite damage defenders to your skincare routine and experience healthier, glowing skin with continued use.



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