This New Manuka Honey Balm Soothes Dry, Itchy Skin like Magic

November 9, 2023

“This stuff is incredible. My son's eczema is totally cleared up. I use it on my face at night to help my rosacea. Wonderful! So many uses! I bought one tub of it for each member of my family.”

Are you tired of wasting money on skin creams that promise instant itch relief but never soothe your skin? Are you fed up with moisturizers that guarantee to rehydrate your dry flaky skin only to leave it feeling drier than it was before?

Unfortunately, there’s no shortage of expensive skin creams & ointments out there that over-promise and under deliver. But I promise you, this is NOT one of them.

As someone who struggles with highly sensitive skin, I’m constantly dealing with contact dermatitis. I’ve been searching for any cream or ointment that would actually work without causing further flare ups from harsh ingredients and fragrances.

For years I’ve treated flare-ups with cortisone creams, prescriptions, and seemingly every exotic product out there that promised to help. But nothing worked as advertised. It’s been trial by fire but unfortunately the fire keeps winning.

So when a dear friend recommended I try a new ointment she used and swore up and down about, I figured why not. Truth be told, she’s made recommendations in the past that didn’t pan out so I was a little hesitant at first. But needless to say, I’m beyond ecstatic that I gave it a go.

As soon as the ointment touched my skin I could tell it was different. I rubbed it on and could feel the itchiness and burning start to cool down and dissipate within just a few minutes. I truly almost started to cry - no exaggeration.

Let me tell you something. When you’ve suffered from any skin irritation for as long as I have, nothing, and I mean NOTHING feels as good as this ointment going on for the first time - I promise!

What Is It?

It’s called Hydration Repair Honey Salve by Blossom Essentials and it’s quite possibly the most effective skin hydration balm you’ve never heard of - until now.

Blossom Honey Salve is dermatologist tested, sensitivity tested, and steroid free, making it ideal for anyone suffering from almost any skin condition.

If You Want Long-Lasting Relief From…

  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis
  • Rosacea
  • Dermatitis
  • Mature, thinning skin
  • Dry, cracked skin
  • And so much more

…then this hydrating honey balm is what you’ve been looking for.


“This product is a LIFESAVER for my 9-year old. She’s had eczema for years and it becomes cracked, bloody and painful. Most products sting, have side effects or just mask the issue. For the first time, her skin looks back to normal and she loves the way the salve feels and smells…it’s definitely 9-year old approved and she even tells her friends how great this product is!!"
“My daughter had a very bad posriasis flare all over her body and nothing was helping. I did apply dermatology grade medications for a while and that didn't work. I started applying the butter because the spots were so bad but now I am happy to report her skin has completely clear up only using the butter."

What Makes Blossom Honey Salve Special?

Unlike other ointments and lotions that temporarily hydrate your skin, this honey balm pulls water into the top layer of your skin where it retains and preserves the moisture for an intense, long lasting hydration.

The secret ingredient? Organic Manuka Honey!

Research shows Manuka honey destroys harmful bacteria and is effective in killing pathogens, including antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Keeping your skin bacteria-free speeds up the healing process.


Manuka honey is also a fantastic emollient, which is a fancy word for it softens the skin.

Even better, for severe conditions, Manuka honey can reduce pain and inflammation where the skin has cracked open, making it ideal for skin problems, like psoriasis and dandruff.

Plus, it has a wonderfully soft scent. It’s not overpowering like other ointments I’ve used.

Effective And Smells Wonderful!

“My first take on the Honey Salve was surprise at its pleasant smell! After two days my pregnancy- skin redness and irritation dramatically improved. I’m telling anyone who will listen to give it a try!!!!”

How Does It Work?

Gently apply a thick layer of Honey Salve directly to your affected area by slowly moving your finger in a circular motion to help your skin absorb the balm and create a natural barrier.

That soothing, healing sensation you feel…is real, and it can be attributed to…

  • Your skin quickly rehydrating as it sucks in water molecules thanks to the aloe vera gel
  • Inflamed, swollen skin re-nourishing itself as the Manuka honey builds a protective barrier against pollutants and harmful particles
  • Beeswax soothing your chapped skin by preventing moisture from escaping

The only thing you’ll regret when you get this honey butter, is not getting it sooner.

How Much Does It Cost?

Is it a little pricey? Maybe. But the VALUE of this Honey Salve can’t be overpriced! Especially if you’ve spent $300, $500, or even $1,000s on moisturizers and ointments and you’re still looking for something that actually works. Well, look no further.

At only $40 for 4oz, buying this Honey Salve is a no-brainer (they even offer an 8oz jar at significant savings!). It’s made in the USA. It’s cruelty-free. And it’s Dermatologist tested.

You have nothing to lose except that dry, itchy, painfully cracking skin you’ve been suffering from like I used to.

Where Can I Get Blossom Honey Salve?

There are simply too many fake products out there these days. Do not risk buying a knockoff. Claim your bottle by going to their official site here to get yours today!

Finally A Solution For My Hands

“The honey butter was the first relief I have had my so dry hands . It melts in to my skin and soothes away the dryness.”

Radiation Sensitive Skin

“INCREDIBLE! I tried everything from a prescribed treatment to just about everything else and nothing worked to “calm” my itchy, sunburned like skin. I was in agony. Then I began using aloe straight from the plant. That took the pain and itching away but didn’t moisturize Then I bought your honey butter and viola’! My radiation oncologist was so impressed! Thanks again!”-

Game Changer

“This product is amazing. My son has been battling eczema for months. We have used high potency topical steroids only for it to come back. I am so happy I read the reviews and trusted them because this has been life changing for us.”

Ready to experience the difference for yourself?