“It softens my skin all day, relieves the itchiness and calms redness.” - Dianne P.


“It softens my skin all day, relieves the itchiness and calms redness.” - Dianne P.


2x Honeybutter

$33.99 each

3x Honeybutter

$28.99 each

Organic Manuka Honey
Intense Spot Treatment
Use on Face Body
Long-lasting Relief

Do you suffer from dry and itchy skin?

Skin conditions can be really stressful, especially when it is difficult to treat.

Honeybutter provides relief for those dry, irritated patches with a gentle formula designed for sensitive skin.

Honeybutter is safe to use on hands, feet, face, scalp, underarms, eyelids and even lips!

How does Honeybutter work?

Draws water to the top layer of your skin for intense hydration

Kills off any bacteria that cause further irritation and inflammation

Creates a barrier against bacteria entering and moisture exiting

The secret lies in our amazing
natural ingredients

Organic Manuka Honey

For healing, redness and swelling. Anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial.


For dry or chapped skin, moisture-locking and irritation.

Tea Tree Oil

For itching, inflammation and wound healing.

Coconut oil

For inflammation, hydration, itching and skin elasticity.

Sweet Almond Oil

For itching and redness. High in fatty acids to restore and nourish skin.

Vitamins A + E

For skin regeneration, itching, inflammation and UV Ray protection.

How Do I Use It?

1. Apply a thick layer of honeybutter directly on your problem area.

2. Move your finger in a circular motion so it absorbs into your skin creating a natural barrier.

3. Enjoy honeybutter's cool, soothing sensation!

Apply as needed. For external use only. This product contains nuts.

Pure ingredients, real results

Spot Treatment

Intense hydration for dry and itchy skin

The perfect routine to treat dryness and itch on skin and scalp

The ultimate supplement, skin balm and scalp oil trio to boost skin hydration from the inside out
Frequently Asked Questions

Have some questions? Find your answers!

Q How long will it take to see results?

You should feel the itch stop almost immediately after applying the Honeybutter!

If you are using the Honeybutter to alleviate severe dry patches, depending on how long you've had the issue, you may need to use it daily for a few weeks to a month before the dry spot is gone, as it will take a bit longer to penetrate the area and work its magic!

Q How do I use Honeybutter?

Apply a layer of Honeybutter directly on your problem area.

-If using it for itch-related purposes, we recommend applying it as the itch is happening for immediate comfort.

-Then we recommend using it morning and night to continually nourish the area and relieve the chronic dryness/flare-up over time.

🐝 Safe for all skin types and areas.
🐝 Apply as needed.
🐝 For external use only.

Q What are the ingredients of Honeybutter?

**This is our new and improved formula for the 4oz and 8oz options launching June 2021. If you'd like to see the original formula still used for the 1oz, please see the ingredients page.**

🐝 Organic Manuka Honey
🐝 Aloe Vera Gel
🐝 Sweet Almond Oil
🐝 Coconut Oil
🐝 Beeswax
🐝 Calendula Extract
🐝 Tea Tree Oil
🐝 Rosemary Extract
🐝 Vanilla Bean Extract
🐝 Vitamin A
🐝 Vitamin E
🐝 Organic Soy Lecithin
🐝 Vegetable Stearic Acid (natural emulsifier)
🐝 Sorbitan Oleate (vegan)
🐝 Sodium Lactate (natural humectant)
🐝 Sodium Benzoate (natural preservative)
🐝 Sorbic acid (Food grade preservative)

🐝P.S. I contain nuts.

Q Will the Honeybutter work on sensitive areas such as eye lids, scalp, face, etc?

Yes! Honeybutter has been designed to work both on sensitive skin and on sensitive areas of the body. However, we always recommend testing a small amount on a non-sensitive area to make sure you don't have any negative reactions to the Honeybutter. If you have any allergies, please check the ingredients list before using the Honeybutter.

Q How large is the container?

Honeybutter comes in either a 4 oz or 1 oz jar option.

Q I received my Honeybutter and the oil leaked out of it - what do I do?

Not to worry! Like natural peanut butter, natural oil separation is completely fine. Just wipe it down and take a spoon or knife and give it a good mix so it combines again and stick it in the fridge for 3+ hours to re-solidify!

Q I received my Honeybutter and it melted - what do I do?

During the summer months, this is totally normal, since it's a natural formula. Give it a good stir and stick it in the fridge for a few hours to re-harden, and you're all set!

Q Do I have to refrigerate after use?

During the summer months, it may soften during transit, so we recommend sticking it in the fridge for 3+ hours before using it initially.

However, after that, we don't recommend refrigerating it, as the balm is oil-based and more dense. Store it in a cool, dry place.

Q What is the shelf life of the Honeybutter?

The Honeybutter is good for up to 24 months when stored in a dry, cool place.

Q Is Honeybutter made in the US?

Yes! We source our quality ingredients from around the world, but everything comes together in sunny Florida where Honeybutter is made.

Q How long will it take to get my order?

Expect your order to leave our facility within 1 business day and then please allow another 4-7 business days for delivery to your doorstep.

Q Are there any steroids in the Honeybutter?

No! We were adamant that there would be no steroids in our Honeybutter. Steroids have been known to cause skin thinning, darker pigmentation, stretch marks, acne and other issues. Make sure to consult a doctor before using any of those creams.

Q Is the Honeybutter vegan?

While we are cruelty-free, our Honeybutter is formulated with real organic Manuka honey so it’s not vegan.

Q Is the Honeybutter safe to use on children and infants?

In short, yes! But, while the Honeybutter does not have any harmful ingredients, we recommend consulting your physician in case of any allergens. The Honeybutter does contain nuts [and honey].

Children under 1 should not consume honey as it contains bacteria spores that could be very harmful for an immature digestive system. 

If you or your child is immune compromised or under 1 year old, do not use the Honeybutter for them.

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Michele C.
United States United States
Very pleased

I have rosacea- and it’s gotten worse in the last year/ I am pleased to say that blossom has soothed my skin- I slather it on after I wash my face- it’s so soothing. Thank you !

United States United States
For Daughter

Hi Sarah the honeybutter was actually for my daughter who lives in Kansas, when I asked how her eczema was she stated it felt a bit better but this was only a couple of days in I just pray it works for her. She also gets really bad stress hives red, swelling and itching I hope that works on those as well. Sincerely, Diane H

United States United States
Blossom Honeybutter

This is the only product that calms my itchy back. I have tried so many other products and not one works as well as Blossom Honeybutter. It smells so nice too, very gentle fragrance. I will purchase again.

United States United States

Overall experience was great. The cream is great not too grease. Leaves the skin soft and beautiful

Blossom Essentials Honeybutter Review
A Blossom Essentials Customer
Kim S.
United States United States
Very nice skin butter

I love the skin butter. It’s creamy, rich and moisturizing without being too greasy. It smells nice too.