7 Reasons Why Thousands Of Moms Can’t Get Enough Of Blossom’s Soothing Honeybutter

1. It contains Manuka Honey— nature’s anti-bacterial skin healer!

Manuka Honey is a rare and difficult-to-source type of honey that comes from New Zealand and is rich in anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties. 

According to studies,1,2,3, the antibacterial properties from Manuka Honey may help speed up wound healing, soothe burns, and reduce the causes that induce itching.

2. It’s easier than seeing a specialist.

Consider the time it takes to locate the right skin specialist, schedule an appointment, and then wait up to 30 days before your child is even seen...


That doesn’t include the cost of the actual medicine that may or may not work for your child’s skin.


Blossom invested their resources in developing a natural itch-controlling solution that calms your child’s flare-ups almost instantly and costs a fraction of the price of steroid-based creams.

3. It’s also made with other ingredients your skin loves (and zero of the bad stuff).

Blossom’s Honeybutter contains only skin-loving, wholesome ingredients such as organic Manuka Honey, coconut oil, vitamins A and E, sweet almond oil, and beeswax. When combined, these ingredients help soothe, cleanse, and protect your child’s skin’s natural moisture. 


Blossom Honeybutter is safe and contains zero steroids, zero parabens, zero sulfates, and zero fillers.

4. It helps control itching with one application a day.

Blossom made controlling itching easy. 


Blossom’s Honeybutter is one simple application that rubs in smooth, smells fresh, and begins to work right away— thanks to the high-quality, fresh Manuka Honey.


And kids know when Blossom’s Honeybutter is working because they comment about the gentle “cooling” effect the cream has on their skin— making nighttime itch sessions a thing of the past.

5. It makes you feel like Super Mom.

Blossom Honeybutter is the gadget every mom should have in her utility belt. It’s convenient, easy-to-carry, and the perfect size to keep in a purse, back-pack, or in the middle console of a car.

6. It has a 5-star rating.

"With just the third day of using this product, my daughter felt immediate relief, her itching stopped and she is able to love her arms better, I’m so grateful to have come across this Honey Butter cream and really recommend it."

~ Cecilia A. Verified Buyer.


Excellent customer service. Fast shipping from the United States. A safe yet powerful eczema fighting solution that works, no matter the severity of eczema...


It’s easy to see why moms have fallen in love with Blossom.

7. Not convinced? Then try it yourself risk-free for 60 days!

Blossom knows their Honeybutter is the most powerful and effective itch treatment out there. 


But they want you to witness the power of their Honeybutter for yourself.


That’s why Blossom is giving all new readers that come from this page an opportunity to try Honeybutter completely risk-free for 60 days!


If for any reason you aren’t completely satisfied with your purchase of Blossom Honeybutter, then you can return your order (even if the container is empty) for a full refund with zero hassle.

Want to try Blossom Honeybutter for you or your child’s eczema?