5 Reasons Why Blossom's Derm-Approved Manuka Honey Salve is the Go-To Choice for Itchy, Painful Flare Ups

Conquer painful and itchy flare-ups with natural, scientifically proven ingredients that soothe and heal common skin problems.

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1. Designed to tackle almost any dry or itchy skin problem

The restorative formula is both a hydrator and moisturizer to provide fast and long-lasting relief to a variety of skin conditions like dry, cracked skin, menopausal skin, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, and more.

The natural, powerful ingredients penetrate deeply to soothe and restore damaged skin, leaving it nourished and hydrated.

2. The Organic Manuka Honey is not double boiled

We keep the natural goodness of Manuka Honey intact, giving you its full antibacterial power to help restore and protect your skin.

And did you know Manuka honey contains significantly higher amounts of MGO compared to traditional honey?

MGO is the active ingredient responsible for Manuka honey's powerful antibacterial effect, with up to 100 times more potency than other honey often used. Combined with its antiviral, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties, Manuka honey becomes a game-changer for those battling chronic skin conditions.

3. Dermatologist approved and third party sensitivity tested

The honey salve is derm-approved and sensitivity tested, making it safe for even the most sensitive, irritable skin.

Whether you need it for your face, eyelids, hands, feet, scalp, body, or lips, you can trust our salve to provide gentle and effective care.

4. Steroid, chemical and artificial fragrance free

Enjoy the benefits of our salve without worrying about harmful side effects or unpleasant odors.

Our formula is free from steroids, harsh chemicals, and artificial fragrances, ensuring a natural and safe skincare experience.

5. Made for the whole family

Perfect for both adults and kids over 1 year old, our honey salve is great for everyday use and tackling specific skin issues.

Keep everyone’s skin happy and healthy with a product the whole family will love.


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